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We are a group that believes CHANGE is constant. We embrace it and help our clients as they CHANGE their bodies, BALANCE their minds and GROW their spirit! 

JD Fitness combines physical fitness with mental wellness to create a healthy mind in a healthy body.

After 30 years of service, I am convinced that our clients must WORKOUT and WORK IN!

— Jack DaSilva,  JD Fitness Founder


"The team at JD Fitness has profoundly impacted my life. Six months ago, I showed up out of shape and in need of a game plan to address cholesterol and blood pressure issues. Collectively, Matt, Jack, and I embarked on a journey of individualized strength, cardio, and flexibility training which was coupled with an ever-evolving personalized nutrition program. Having now lost almost 45 pounds, I recently learned from my cardiologist that my cholesterol and blood pressure are better than expected and that I am no longer required to take medications.

I recall in one of our first meetings; Jack was helping me think about how to frame my goals and asked, "What if you were no longer on medications in 10 years?" Well, with their help, I was able to get professionals who are acutely aware of the type of person I want to be. I look forward to our sessions; it is not just for the strength training, but also because our conversations inevitably help me learn more about myself and my worldview. I could not be more grateful to the team at JD for what they have done for me. Thanks, guys!"


— Neil Barr

"Little did we know when Wendy started training at JD Fitness in Florham Park back in 2003 that 14 years later JD would have become such a meaningful part of our lives. It's truly become a family affair... five out of six of us are or have been JD clients benefitting from different trainers and personalized programs to meet our individual goals and needs. My own JD journey began in August 2012.  I was feeling out of shape and was looking for someone to force me to work out. I got that and much more. With the help of my sensei, Kevin, and JD's unique, holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being, I have become a healthier, stronger, leaner, more flexible, happier person.  When I arrive at JD, very often before dawn, I ask Kevin how he's doing. Invariably, he responds, 'Better than good!' That positive spirit is at the core of the JD experience... and it's contagious. Thanks to Jack, Kevin and the whole JD Team, now I'm better than good too!"

— Rob Marcus

"My teenage son and I committed to working out at JD Fitness together in the beginning of 2017 with the hope of creating a better and more balanced lifestyle centered around fitness.  Even though our lives are very different and our goals of training were too, the team at JD Fitness was able to customize specific workouts to achieve our unique goals.


My goals have been realized in the form of new-found strength, fat loss,  and overall better decision-making.  My son has found confidence, improved balance, agility,  and core strength.  JD Fitness has become much more than a training facility with superior trainers and coaches; the staff here have become friends whom we look forward to working with for a long time."

— Dave S.

"JD Fitness is so much more than a gym for daily, rote lifting and cardio.  It prides itself on addressing the health needs and goals of its clients through trainers that really listen and plan comprehensive, personalized programs.  These trainers are informed, experienced and passionate experts.  Your successes are their successes and each and every one shares a unified philosophy about motivation and goal-setting from the minute you walk through the door.


My husband and I have worked with personal trainers in the past to no marked success.  Our time at JD Fitness with Anthony has taught us about the connection between food and exercise; it’s also taught us how to bring the commitment and great feeling of the gym into our daily routines.  This was something we’d wanted to do for the longest time but had never found the right inspiration.  Here, there’s an amazing energy and karma that brings you in and makes you family.


I’ve had the joy of weight loss, getting stronger, understanding how to eat better.  I no longer have that feeling of “gym dread” from long ago.   And, even on those inevitable low-motivation days,  I leave whichever trainer I was with feeling physically and mentally better for having surrounded myself with whatever unique and almost spiritual energy there is inside the four walls of JD Fitness." 

— Ina Wallman

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