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Sessions offered as a means to maintain proper body alignment and to keep you pain-free

Fascia is the connective tissue system that holds us all together and affects every cell of our being, from head to toe, bone to skin. Myofascia specifically runs through and around our muscles. Picture a sticky fishnet stocking that encompasses our entire bodies and lives under the skin. 


Over time, adhesions can be created in the fascia from things like immobility, intense training, repetitive motions, poor posture, dehydration, inflammation, injuries, surgeries, and even emotional traumas. These adhesions and stored traumas can makes us feel tight, weak and achey, inhibiting our performance and our quality of life. 


Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a science-based assisted stretching modality that helps unwind and release these traumas and adhesions. FST can help us to improve movement and sleep, speed up recovery, prevent injury, and decrease pain, stress, and anxiety, which helps provide an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Gravity and stress and the natural aging process all compress us. FST decompresses us at the joint level as we release and elongate long chains of muscles otherwise known as the Fascial Nets of the body.


The best part is that Fascial Stretch Therapy is gentle and relaxing. Clients often leave feeling like they are floating, taller, and looser.  Each session is tailored to our clients' specific mobility and stability needs. Clients are assessed before, within, and after a session to assure that their individual needs are met. 


Lasting change can often be accomplished in a single session, though the most dramatic changes are established through layering on progress made from previous sessions. 


FST is for everyone. Clients range from young children to the elderly. We work with professional athletes, weekend warriors, and the physically handicapped. We help those recoveringfrom injuries or surgeries and facilitate prevention of future pain scenarios.  FST is also great for special case scenarios such as PTSD, Parkinson's, MS, Fibromyalgia, RA, and others. 


FST is amazingly versatile and complements other wellness modalities such as physical therapy, physiatry, osteopathic medicine, chiropractics, personal training, and other holistic practices (such as massage and acupuncture). 


FST is always therapeutic. Depending on our client's needs, we offer:



For those with sport-specific challenges who are looking to improve their performance



For those seeking tranquility through gentle stretch, breath work, and calming environment



For those with a specific imbalance that needs targeted work

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