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Dear JD Clients,

As we continue to adapt to our new environment and the uncertainty we all face, we must find comfort within ourselves. We must remember that we are resourceful people with talent to navigate through this.  It’s important to learn from what has happened, plan for what might happen, but most importantly, work in the present. The more time we spend in the present, the less anxiety we will accumulate.


Sooner or later the pendulum will swing in the other direction, that is certain. I feel confident in our ability to stay centered, be strong, as well as disciplined. Weeks or months from now, we will all be on the other side of this.


I have outlined our steps for navigating this challenge in the next few weeks or months.


•  First, we will assess our clients to determine their personal fitness and wellness.


•  Second, we will be implementing virtual / FaceTime sessions for those who want it or need it.


•  Third, we will introduce outdoor sessions in our parking lots and turfs, or hiking trails and parks.


•  Fourth, we will open our studios with limited clients and trainers.


•  And fifth, we will resume normal operations in our studios.


Finally, all of the trainers at JD fitness are extremely important to me. I have communicated with them personally and have a plan for continuing to provide financial support. We are currently healthy, however, I would like to ensure their long term well-being.  Therefore, I am including a plan to keep our clients and trainers connected. Starting now, clients can purchase future sessions at a 20% discount to ensure we come together as a group and navigate these difficult times. 


Please keep moving your body, reduce sugar intake, introduce methods / practice for emotional grounding. And most importantly... TRUST. 



Jack DaSilva 


If you need to, please contact Jack DaSilva at (973) 650-9646